You should read and accept the terms and conditions (the "Terms") of the booking before making an appointment when you book through the website or the app (collectively, the "Site"). You are obligated by these Terms as soon as an appointment is booked.


Gospotless grants users of this Site a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited licence to access and make personal use of the data and services found here, strictly governed by and in accordance with these Terms. This licence may be modified or terminated by Gospotless at any time and for any cause. This licence may be automatically terminated without prior notice if these Terms are not followed.
Gospotless does not offer you any express or implied rights or licences under any patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual materials, except from the restricted licence set forth in these Terms.

Reservation Conditions

Before we provide our service, customers should take out all of their valuables, including cash and jewellery. Any liability resulting from loss or damage to any personal property, including the car that is being serviced, any items inside the vehicle, or to the service location, will not be held against Gospotless. It is your obligation to make sure that your car is being serviced in an authorised and secure location; if not, kindly express your concerns to our service representative. Each car is cleaned at the risk of the customer and must be capable of withstanding the usual cleaning procedures. While every effort will be made to keep weekly reservations to the same day and time, there may be times when changes are necessary. In these cases, we will try to notify customers prior to the arrival of our service agent. To secure the reservation, we retain the right to request a debit or credit card number.
We reserve the right to change or move a reservation in accordance with personnel levels, weather, equipment malfunction, or other issues. Address, package, and vehicle condition verification are requirements for all orders. At the time of booking, service requests are not guaranteed and may be cancelled at any time at Gospotless sole discretion.
Gospotless reserves the right to bar anyone from receiving services. Gospotless has the right to decline or deny any requests from customers that go beyond the scope of the service that was booked. In any situation, Gospotless will not accept verbal or physical abuse of any of its employees and will take appropriate measures if such behaviour is observed.

Terms of our Services

We might inquire about how you learned about Gospotless so that we can evaluate our marketing initiatives. Surveys on customer satisfaction could be conducted by us.To guarantee a routine reservation, we will need your consent to keep your debit or payment card information on file.
Even if the vehicle is not available for cleaning and the reservation has not been cancelled in advance, we reserve the right to charge a debit or credit card the whole price.


In addition to sending you information on the service agent and conducting a customer satisfaction survey when the service is completed, Gospotless will send you SMS text messages to confirm your service request. You can be charged for these SMS text messages from your mobile phone service provider depending on your plan. None of these possible expenses are Gospotless's responsibility.
In order to schedule your service or conduct a customer satisfaction survey, Gospotless may call you directly. In the event that you cancel a request, we might contact you by phone to learn why you did so.
For the purpose of ensuring the quality of customer service, all incoming and outgoing calls may be recorded.

Terms and Conditions for Pricing

The Site's service menu, which includes all costs, is available. We have the right to modify the price without warning. Any service that includes significant pet hair, vomit, urine, blood, excrement, or other precarious materials may incur a minimum 20% extra. Our charges vary depending on the service, location, car type, and vehicle condition. Gospotless maintains the right to assess each vehicle's fee in accordance with its state, kind, and customer location.

Restrictions on Use and Access to the Site

You agree to use or access the Site only for legal purposes. You agree that you won't attempt to interfere with the correct operation of the Site using any equipment, software, or other means, and that you won't take any activity that places an excessive or disproportionately large demand on our network or system. Additionally, you acknowledge that without Gospotless's prior express consent, you will not use any robot, spider, automatic device, or manual method to monitor or copy our application or the content contained within.

Service Promise

Gospotless will at our expense refund or redo the unfinished or subpart portion of the service if there is probable and clear cause that the service agent did not complete the service as ordered or if there is clear proof of substandard service performance.
Without permission from Gospotless, cleaning the car after the initial treatment, whether professionally or individually, cancels our Service Guarantee. Any unlawful cleaning will not result in redos, refunds, or reimbursements.
Our service guarantee is void if any conditioned difficulties, such as heavy stains, human or animal waste, offensive aromas, mould, chemical spills, mildew, chemical overspray, or any other brittle materials, are not disclosed at the time of booking. You posting an online review and within 48 hours after filing the claim, photos of the area must be emailed to [email protected]

Feedback is Appreciated

The Service improves as more suggestions are made by our Users. If a User sends us feedback or suggestions about the Services, there's a chance we'll use them. As a result, the User grants us an unrestricted, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, sublicensable, free licence to use any such feedback or suggestions however we see fit, free of any obligation to pay the user anything in return. Please don't take it personally if we decide not to use the advice. However, we appreciate it.

Refund Policy Terms & Conditions

If you need to cancel a booking service, please do so within 30 min. A minimum charge of 16%of the service price will be applied if such a cancellation notification is not given in a timely manner. A 16% cancellation fee of the service price will be charged for same-day appointments. If a reservation is cancelled on the day of the event without prior consent, Gospotless has the right to charge full money.
Gospotless retains the right to change or amend a booking time or date without incurring fees, but will attempt to notify the customer. Depending on staffing levels, weather forecasts, and/or equipment failure or difficulty, Gospotless reserves the right to change a booking or move a booking without incurring any fees or obligations to the business.

Powers That Be

Events outside of our reasonable control, such as strikes, riots, fires, acts of God, war, terrorism, and governmental action, will not subject us to liability for any failure or delay in fulfilling our duties.


Gospotless therefore represents and warrants that neither the Service nor its use as hereby contemplated will constitute a violation of any relevant laws or regulations, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, and patent laws, or infringement upon the rights of any third party. Gospotless expressly disclaims any implied warranties or conditions of non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for any particular purpose and makes no warranties, whether express or implied, with respect to any matter, including without limitation advertising and any other services, unless otherwise stated in this Agreement. The User assumes all risk and liability in relation to the Service and we make no guarantees about the outcomes of its use.

Liability Limitation

You use this site at your own risk. The website is distributed "As Is". The fullest extent permitted by Law (1) Gospotless disclaims any and all liability with respect to the site, Whether based on contract, Tort (Including Negligence), or otherwise; and (2) Any and all implied warranties, Terms and conditions with respect to the site (whether based on statue, Common law, or otherwise), Including without limiting the foregoing in particular, We accept no responsibility for any technical failure of the internet or the app or any harm or damage sustained by users while using the website, including harm to their equipment. Statutory right you may have are unaffected.
In connection with or as a result of the site, Gospotless will not be liable for any of the following losses: (I) economic loss (including, without limitation, loss of revenues, profits, contracts, business, or anticipated savings); (II) loss of goodwill or reputation; or (III) special, indirect, or consequential loss.


If for any reason any part of these terms are found to be unenforceable or invalid, that part shall be modified to the extent necessary to remedy that part's unenforceability or invalidity, or, if that remedy is not possible, that part shall be severed from the remainder of these terms, which shall otherwise remain in full force.


The user agrees to hold Gospotless, its directors, employees, heirs, and assigns harmless from any liability, damage, loss, or expense, including legal fees, resulting from the publication, distribution, or transmission of any advertisement submitted by the user or on their behalf or from the linking of any advertisement to any other content. You acknowledge and accept that your use of the Site outside of what is permitted by these terms and any relevant laws will subject Gospotless to liability for any loss, damage, costs, or expenditures that they may sustain directly or indirectly as a result of your use of the Site.


There is no waiver of any right under the Terms by any party's inaction or delay in doing so. Any waiver of any provision of the Terms must be done in writing and signed by an authorised representative of the party that will be considered to have accepted the waiver.


For all intents and purposes, this agreement's termination shall not affect any responsibilities or liabilities accrued prior to its termination date. Until terminated by either you or us, these Terms will apply and govern. By notifying us that you no longer wish to access or use the Services, or by ceasing to use any of the Services, you may at any time revoke these Terms.We also reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any time and without prior notice if, in our sole discretion, you fail to comply with any of the terms outlined in these Terms, or if we discover or suspect that you have done so.

Complete Agreement

These Terms cancel and replace any earlier versions of the Terms and represent the entire understanding between you and Ghaseel with regard to their subject matter. These Terms and any rights granted hereunder may not be assigned or otherwise transferred. When you use Ghaseel or services provided by third parties, you can also be subject to extra terms and conditions.

Versus These Terms

We reserve the right to enforce certain consequences, including to
1) Issue you one or more formal warnings; temporarily suspend your access to or use of the Services;
2) or permanently bar you from accessing or using the Services, if you violate any rights or provisions stipulated in these Terms in any way, or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you have violated any rights or provisions stipulated in these Terms in any way.
3) Preventing access to the Services from devices with your IP address.
4) Ask your internet service providers to prevent you from accessing or using the Services by contacting any or all of them:
5) Begin legal proceedings against you, whether for violation or infringement of Contract.